Nobody should have the right to destroy a person’s life and dreams. Restitution is in God’s hands and my story is just the beginning of CHANGE

paypal.me/gigglescounselling  My publisher Xlibris didn’t want to print my story, or truth. So, if you purchase the kindle version of my book from them, I will at least see a little back, but not much, as they take more of the royalties. That is why I will be publishing in the future. Each of our stories becomes hope and survival tools for others. WE ALL NEED EACH OTHER.



They say, “Silence is Golden” that couldn’t be further from the truth.  That’s society’s rules so you don’t upset the balance with what is really hiding behind closed doors of the people we are supposed to trust to help us when we are injured on the job, disabled, or deal with medical issues.

My Angels, I am finally getting strong enough to get back out there and end my silence. I am asking for donations and voices to back me up and support this cause, as well as donations to hire a lawyer and sue the Workers Safety and Insurance Board for Human Rights Violations and falsifying medical reports that caused such confusion when I needed medical help.

I will bring all the facts and evidence of the last 35 years of what I uncovered from my WSIB medical file that shows such a disregard for injured workers needs and circumstances and I want to bring it to the Supreme Court of Canada and fight for those responsible to be taken out and changes to be made to our WORKPLACE SAFETY AND INSURANCE SYSTEM to ensure our safety when injured and see that changes be made to the way we are treated/not treated/not examined by doctors, but instead given a prescription, that harms us more in many ways.   We are turned away, not examined and labelled. It took years for me to find help, and when I found it, I found more harm was done.

Whatever comes to me, goes back out to all of you. And anything you need, I will provide. Lets change the future for our children, for you and for me. For once I want to live without being abused, used, or broken. I have God on my side and each plan we make to take those accountable down, gives me more hope, strength and faith in God’s plans for us all. I thank you from the bottom of my heart

How can I forget the losses caused by one misdiagnosis, operations that should have never been done, causing more injuries they won’t believe?    35 years of HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATIONS, by the WSIB, doctor’s as well as by Medtronic for not informing me my medical devices bolted to my spine needed to be monitored and replaced was obsolete and needed to be replaced in 2003, this second device malfunctioned in 2008, electrocuting me internally paralyzing me, cutting off my voice, causing my body to contort as over 750 amps of electricity went through my body and continued rising. 

As it happened in 1998 while at work.  And for over ten minutes I was heading toward death, because my heart started to hurt, and I was blacking out. 

If it weren’t for my co-workers unplugging the device, if I had not gone into work that day, those Medtronic devices would have killed me, and nobody would be the wiser.  And nobody would be protected.

These devices were forgotten, the surgeon never monitored the device as they were supposed to, to remove any calcium buildup. Workers Compensation never checked in, and knows nothing about the devices, or why I needed them, and they stopped asking, or should I say harassing me, as they always did for medical updates, reports. 

Adjudicators I fought with to prove my injury, purchased these without speaking to me.  They didn’t care that I couldn’t find medical help, or lost two pregnancies, I never got time to grieve, heal or think because they threated constantly to cut me off, because I had no proof I was dealing with a broken rib and no doctor would do anything else.  So, I had to fight to find help and proof and that never made a difference.

And if WSIB Adjudicators can’t see the discrepancies in your medical file, if they don’t even read your medical background and are writing their reports in my medical file saying from day one, up until 2008 that I suffer from “low back pain” I’m causing problems fighting with them.  Why are they paying for these devices to be bolted to my spine in my Thoracic area and left to rot.

I don’t suffer from a psychotic disorder, bipolar, or mood disorder.  They were created by the list of drugs I was given.  To shut me up and shut me down.   And they just got stronger when the devices malfunctioned.  I had 750 amps of electricity run through my body on a daily basis and these machines took away the pain, giving me my life back.   The only one I worked with over the 7 years I was free, was Medtronic CSR and they would help me adjust settings if I needed more pain control.  But not once was I told that this device needed to be removed, or it was obsolete and needed replacing.    

The device was like a transistor radio.  I had a transmitter put in my abdomen and wires on my nervous system attached to a neurostimulator bolted to my spine.    It should never have gotten this far, all because nobody would listen or investigate.  If they had to do a CT scan, they would have seen it, as it was done in December 1986 eight months later and still, nobody would remove it.   And I suffered more each and every breath I took.

I wrote reports, they were ignored.  Held meetings with WSIB, Managers, Vice President, the President fighting for compensation.  Showing proof of negligence.  And nothing got done. 

I fear for my future and the machine in my back.  I need answers and the only way to do that is pay for a doctor’s help.  I worked making $6 an hour in 1985.  Worked for $10 an hour in 1992.  Worked for $18 an hour in 2004 and $13 an hour in 2008.  But, when I got electrocuted, WSIB put me back on my pre-work-related earnings and awarding me a disability pension of $500 monthly.  They reinstated me when I was electrocuted saying it was a REOCCURRENCE OF MY INJURY.

There is far, far more going on that I haven’t touched on here. Especially when WSIB deems you fit to go back to work and forces you into a training camp, being treated with such disrespect.  So many things that as injured workers are only causing us to be injured more, sent into poverty, given prescriptions instead of proper care.   It took them 35 years to put me on permanent disability??  I had my last meeting with them in 2015.  The irony is, the Manager who was on my case, was also writing reports saying, “I suffered from low-back problems” and that I caused problems for the adjudicators on my case. 

I brought a lawyer from the Injured Workers Group, but I took the floor as he listened as I went over the reasons why I should receive compensation for the numerous injuries caused by ignoring a broken rib and the removal of that rib, as well as damaged nerves, which left me with more intense neve damage and pain, I spoke of the loss of children, life freedom, growth, and seven operations that caused further injures.  Walking through life for all those years wishing I could die.  And as many times as I tried to take my own life.  God always made sure I woke up the next day.  God mad me a writer for a reason. 

And they still wanted to send me back into a training program as a Customer Service Worker.  They said when that was finished, I would lose my WSIB pay.   So, I shut them down and said no.  I was in no state of mind or body after all I’d been though.  Things changed when I got electrocuted, I lost a lot of sensory information, don’t remember to eat, get lost and whatever was fried in my brain left me losing information as quickly as I would learn it.

I thought I had a chance when the lawyer finally spoke up and talked about what he had heard in the last hour.  He told them they didn’t have enough to compensate me for all the damages done.  And that we would appeal.  So, they agreed to put me on permanent disability, deducting $200 from what I was receiving.  After hearing that, I got up and walked out.  While at the elevator, they came out wanting to shake my hand, with my back to them I got in the elevator and said, I’ll be back to take you down.

When I got outside, the sun was shining and when I turned to look at the building.  I saw my shadow over the building.  A sign from God.  And he gave me a poem to send them called THE SHADOW AT YOUR DOOR.

Reminding them, I was still alive.  So, the Manager that wrote false information on my medical condition for everyone else to believe, became richer as a Director and I walked away losing $200 off my monthly meager supplement. Of $1200 and that includes the $500 disability. 

Money won’t heal my broken body and take away the pain, but it will give me the resources I need to make this case known for everyone that is out there building lives, working, thinking they are safe.  So many have lost so much.  While the President of WSIB is forcing Adjudicators to get us off the system by any means necessary. 

Three months ago, God woke me up and I didn’t take another pill.  After 35 years of chemicals clouding my mind, I was tired.  I tried to take my life by swallowing 90 pills so many times over the years and nothing happened.  God gave me a mission…and he won’t let me back out.

So, death will have to wait, and I’ll sleep when I’m dead 😊

It’s been three months and I am stronger mentally, physically, spiritually.  I started reprograming my mind using sound therapy and meditation and working out.  I didn’t go through horrible withdrawals, nor do I have a mood disorder, bipolar or any psychotic episodes or thoughts.  They were created by the mixture of chemicals.

I AM GRATEFUL DAILY FOR GOD AND I ARE PLANNING TO GET 35 YEARS OF WRITING OUT THERE TO PROTECT HIS ANGELS.  My story, poems are survival tools that help you think past what society taught you to believe. 

I am making my body stronger each day and building my Poetry Empowerment books to help others find the courage to fight back.  Medtronic has had many lawsuits.  Several years ago, there was a class action lawsuit regarding the defibrillator’s shocking the patients.  I called, explained my situation and I was refused, because nobody else has this device in their upper back.  But they said they would take the case for $10,000.00.

Is that what a life is worth?  

I can’t do this alone anymore.  If I have to God will always provide a way.  And I’m just getting started.   The facts I have, the scars I wear are permanent marks that we have to fight a lot of demons in physical form, that tell us it’s in our head.

This won’t happen again to anyone on my watch!

Angels, we are the only ones that can make the changes the government needs to know about.   So, the next generations won’t have to endure these patterns.

I was saved four times from death for this reason.  Just help me pave the way to a new tomorrow.


BREAKING THE SILENCE-ENDING THE WAR My experiences with an unforgiving medical device-spinal-simulator

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Misdiagnosis happens more than we think, this book will empower young women and men to speak up and stand up for their rights to proper medical care. Silence is not golden, and each poem is meant to help society learn to speak up and demand changes to stop a corrupt Workplace Safety and Insurance Board from injuring injured workers further. THESE ARE CRIMES WE CAN’T FORGET
This book is a very powerful read and also very empowering. Writing the book in poetry form is an amazing idea and interesting way to get the storyline across to its readers. The author is brave for sharing her story with the readers and allowing us to experience the pain and suffering that she had to overcome as an injured worker to become the woman she is now.

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