Feel the dream or feel the fear
I’ll tell you, angel, your mind doesn’t care
Failure is failure, it will lead to success
Decide what you’ll tell the world, leave out the regrets

Take full responsibility and accept every part
Who cares who may judge you, don’t take it to heart
The only thing that matters is what you’re going to do
Accept both the good and bad and make them work for you

No one is a failure, that is just a word
And it’s something the whole planet has heard
All that really matters is your power and state of mind
Take some action everyday and turn back the hands of time

(c) Giggles the Poet
September 21, 2019


Happy Thanksgiving my angels, wishing you a great long weekend with loved ones…

God bless



Time to close the chapter on MEDICAL MADNESS and start many more new ones. As long as God speaks, I’ll write until I die 🙂 and probably long after.

In 1985 a Poet was born
God gave her life and by that she was sworn
Despite all the losses, a writer was created
By a world of perceptions as cruelty debated

Thirty-three years were not all a loss
God spoke new perceptions strength and faith were my cause
Now I’m back with a vengeance and God stands by my side
The tables have turned and we have turned the tide

I hope God gives you more mercy than you ever showed me
All the crosses you bare must be very heavy
Now I end one chapter and I start a new war
And God will stand by my side to keep the wolves from my door

My only disability was living in society
And in 1985, that was all taken from me
So, I grew in isolation and I grew through the pain
And each day I trained my mind, a new rebirth began

Now I’ll be the Tsunami and I’ll take back my life
And end the injustice you caused others, ending the strife
And may God have mercy, should you go his way
Because when you take life from others, you’ll be expected to pay

© Giggles the Poet
July 19, 2018
3:00 p.m.

Wishing you all a great life and mind journey 🙂
Love and hugs
Giggles the Poet

I hope I can give and find justice for injured workers, or help anyone dealing with a disability find the voice

The more voices we have the more changes we’ll see.

I hope you sign up and support me as I fight for justice and bring awareness and hope to anyone lost in these unforgiving systems….

We are not labels, or a disability, we ARE INSPIRATION AND HAVE MANY ABILITIES….Never let anyone try to change your unique beauty or take your voice away. Restitution rests in God’s hands….

Walk with love and light

Giggles Counselling & Consulting
MOTIVERSITY-School of Mind management
647 298 3587

If anyone needs help, I am always here…and have a library of resources to help empower you and help you STEP INTO YOUR GREATNESS

TURNING PAIN INTO POWER 🙂 🙂 We’re in it together 🙂



Lord today I am counting my blessings
And I as I visualize them one by one
I’m filled with abundance and gratitude
For reminding myself of the many things you have done

On this day, Lord, I feel more grateful 😝🙏
For these many creative gifts that you have bestowed ✍️📚
And for the poems that you share with me each minute
That helps me think and figure out where I want to go

We are in a new pandemic 🥵 and for my angel’s it’s scary 😢
But I know the hard way there are also two sides to the coin 🎁
Because we have been given, more time and more freedom 🧘‍♀️
So, we’ll figure out who we are and where we went blind😜🧠

When we are with the right like-minded people 👭
We are free to create, grow and think 🤔
And we all giveback by moving forward each day
Becoming more mindful and aware when we start to sink

Into a focused state of depression or apathy 😔
Or thinking, believing that we are all alone
We have to find and count our blessings in the darkness
And be grateful for the food on our table in the place🏡 we call home 🏠

Thank you 🙏 Lord, for reminding me
That as long as we lay down our anger and swords ⚔️
The fighting will be over, we will reunite 👨👩🧒
And bring a new peace ☮️✌️ back to this beautiful world 🌎

© Giggles the Poet
October 10, 2020

Happy Thanksgiving my Angels,👼 No matter where you are my prayers and thoughts are with you 🙏💕🤗

Be safe and be strong

We are all in this together…WE ARE GOD’S WARRIORS


Dear God in heaven hear my prayers
Keep my angels safe, make them more aware
Remove their sorrow, pain and strife
Shine your glorious light, so they’ll be all right

Dear Lord, give my Angels courage everyday
So, they don’t let this crisis stand in their way
Lord, wrap them in your warm embrace
So they know they are safe in their chosen place

The world is in chaos and each day we see more deaths
Give them greater courage so they’ll do their best
Lord, show us a sign so they’ll have more faith
Help them feel their power so they can be great

Lord, bless all my angels as they sleep tonight
And when they wake in the morning they’ll have the courage to fight
We are your warriors and we will not fall
And when they need your help, you will heed their call

Lord, we hear the news and it’s so grim
But, we are strong warriors and we’ll eventually we win
We will build a new 🌎 world without destruction and pain
Dear Lord, give us the strength to rewrite our story again

(c) Giggles the Poet
April 3, 2020

Stay strong 💪my Angels. you’re always in my prayers



Angel, it is necessary for you to feel your feelings
Because for anything to ever get through
The barrier that is holding your soul prisoner
Has locked away from the world the best part of you

My Angel, it is ok to let those tears fall, let them drop
Because it is a signal that you are not dead
So, despite how you may be feeling right now
You are just wounded until you change those thoughts in your HEAD

Take it from me, I am a novice, and I am an expert
From the age of five, the devil, God and I sat at the same table
But God would never abandon me
No matter how society tried to break me, or how they made me disabled

For Thirty-five years I never showed the world my true pain
And I have hidden so many of these crimes
But for these people to help us or, to move forward
Then you have to help them understand how we strengthened our mind

So, my Angel, what are you doing next?
Can you let go of a lifetime of belief’s that you feel?
Will you just focus on the changes for yourself and your new life ahead?
No matter what you believe right is so real?

Believe me, it won’t be easy, but it’s not impossible
If it were I would all be sitting in my grave
So, wake yourself up daily and decide to walk in your truth
Because only changing your ritual, will you change how you behave

And if God should wake you up tomorrow
 I only ask that you take time out for some TLC
Because it does not matter what anyone says or, may repeat
You are in charge of your views, actions, mind and your reality

My Angel, you are the only one that can change your fate
So, Angel, let’s rid your soul of all your heartache
Just like me, challenge yourself to learn something more each day
And in time you will see success come your way

If God wakes me up each day at 5:00 a.m.
Then it’s within those five seconds, I must decide my day’s plan
And when I get out of bed and put on my shoes
I know as long as I’m in control and aware, I still get to choose who I am

I don’t want you to know the prison, I was in
Or feel the losses or regret for the crimes that many committed
I can give you the solutions, I can show you what you can do
But each day you must make a DECLARATION that you’ll finally walk in your truth and admit it

Because blaming anyone you can think of will not change a thing
You might have gone down the wrong roads, but you can begin again
Because God put you here for a reason, so believe in your worth
Because each day you get to breath, that is your new rebirth

So, stop blaming your parents, stop blaming where you came from
Because if you continue to believe that story, you’ve lost the war, not won
God brought you in alone and alone is a path you must take
And whatever happens next, don’t blame the world for your mistakes

God made us each autonomous and we have a mission and a mark
So, we must keep our sacred values closer to our heart
There is no such thing as a stranger, we are all sisters and brothers
And when we truly reach out to them, they will not hate us, but love us

We are going through a world crisis and our pride must be erased
So, get rid of the hurt and stand strong and take back your place
So, decide today that your excuses are over and everything else will be fine
The whole world is changing faster now, so take care of your body and mind

Do not let the past drag you back in, you will win and you will find the way
If you are not happy, make a plan and let go, move on because it will better again
 Be brave and move on and stop believing anything less
Because my Angel, you have a beautiful soul, listen to God, he will help you do the rest

Angel, you do not have to stay in bad circumstances out of loyalty or vows
This is something you can discuss with God because that is not what he allows
God gave you a mission and he will tell you where you need to go
But, first you have to love and forgive yourself and as you plant new seeds you’ll grow

© Giggles the Poet October 6, 2020

I really appreciate God for these words. I do not know about you, but, from where I am coming from…. COURAGE



© Giggles the Poet October 6, 2020

Thank you Lord, for your perceptions 🙂



Hello my Angels, I hope you’re having a beautiful inspiring day I hope you’re safe and well.

Today I get to work on my next book. OUT OF THE ASHES JUSTICE FOR MY ANGEL’S. 👩‍🦲🤱my children will not be forgotten.

If things had to have been different in 1985 and if the doctors had done further investigation into the severe pain I was experiencing they would’ve found a broken rib instead of believing it was muscular and I would not have lost as much as I did.

But I got labelled and crucified and nobody heard anything else I would have to say.

All I faced was ignorance and nobody listened when I pleaded for help and at the age of 22, I was taken out of society and I was sent to a prison of pain while I fought for my life. 😂🤕

When I found out I was pregnant and they took my children out of my body, they took my soul and I lost any future opportunity to have a family of my own because of the experiments they did on me for a year while ignoring a broken rib that was causing internal damage

God and I have been working together on this book now for the last month, and he is helping me make it into a masterpiece.

The words that he spoke for this book will finally put an end to 35 years of medical madness, and the death of Brenda Keough. But it will be the rebirth of Giggles the poet.

I have finally realized that my mission in life is through my books. Because the words that God speaks to me has changed my life my heart my soul and my mind and everywhere it has helped me heal from what has happened in the last 35 years.

Three months ago I decided to stop all the medications that these doctors put me on for the last 35 years and I have never had such clarity in my heart mind body or soul.

I left Newfoundland at 17 and left a life of abuse behind me…..

I have never had any psychological or physical problems prior to my injury in 1985 and when I go back out there to face these people again I want to know why they put me on antipsychotic drugs and put me in a category and only gave me these medications which I did not need instead of examining me properly.

I was not psychotic and I did not have PTSD or anything wrong with my mind. But the labels continued and when you see another doctor 👨‍⚕️ they do not see you or hear you. They believe the files they were sent

The doctors make us believe that we cannot just stop our medications or we have to trade one 💊 pill for another….and that is not true.

I have proven that fact. The only thing you go through if you go through anything will be like the flu because the detox will start and these chemicals will leave your body and its greatest thing you could do for your mind and your soul if you are on chemicals.

I use powerful Sound therapy and prescribed the same for my clients frequency music that activates difference areas of the brain 🧠 As well as exercise, meditation 🧘‍♀️ and keeping myself mindful and aware of what and how I 🤔 💭 think.

For the last 14 years I train on a daily basis and I train intensely to keep my pain levels down and that is what we all have to do instead of taking medication.

Because taking medication is silencing our voices and that’s what doctors want us to do.

For the first time in 35 years, I am no longer depressed, I have no anxiety, and my pain has been reduced from a 10 to a two. I’m alive again and I am here to rebuild my world 🌎 one last time

because the chemicals almost destroyed my mind and my soul.

It’s time for justice. When someone’s human rights are violated in the way mine were and my life destroyed along with my dreams, children marriages and careers these can’t be forgotten.

God has kept me alive despite being electrocuted by 3 medical devices That were bolted to my spine and wires were hooked to my nervous system, but the Worker’s Compensation who paid for these devices forgot about me the manufacturer forgot about me as did the doctors.

I lived a life in silence isolation and pain for 35 years and every day I wished to die, but God helped me write it out. Because Medical helped came much too late and I had to pay that price.

And as many times have I tried to kill myself, God is very persistent he will not let me go. So now I know what I have to do and that is fight for justice not only for my kids, but for you and yours and for the case of every individual that gets treated with such disrespect by doctors and by the Worker’s Compensation Board.

I have 35 years of writing that I need to get out now, words that have never been seen or heard yet.

And each day God keeps me busy by writing more poems LOL I can barely keep up with myself LOL.

I never really get to chance to read my work because so much writing gets done I only get to save it and the only time I get to read it is when I am editing it for my manuscript and when I read it I am shocked because I can’t believe I wrote it. And I feel proud because the messages God shares helps me heal. Gives me hope for a better tomorrow that’s filled with laughter, Friend’s and life

I am so blessed to have this gift and to get out the messages that these books will give you. I call my story a survival tool kit, because no matter what situation you are facing there’s always a solution, you’ll gain courage and will see your own beauty.

So, my beautiful Angels, that is my focus going forward. Every poem that God has spoken to me has a new perspective and a solution to all kinds of problems we face in life.

I know that if it wasn’t for God stepping in in 1985 and making me a writer, I would never have made it and I wouldn’t be here today.

There is more to this life than abuse and we all need to come together to build a bigger and better world for the next generations to come.

I am hoping that I can sell my book myself so that I can get enough money together to hire a lawyer to help me fight this case that everybody put under the rug.

Unfortunately nobody will take this case pro bono….so I have to 💰 $10,0000. And with all the new 📚 books I will put out I hope 🤞 that will be the start of a reality check and it will help me change our future and change these crimes we face in silence

Since 1985 I have been re-injured seven times and accumulated a lot of losses.

In 2010 my last surgeon couldn’t remove the machine from my body because it was forgotten for so long it grew into my spine to remove it would paralyze me…..And that is wrong that is a crime.

I tried to build my life every time these machines electrocuted me and took me out of society for seven years and each time I was brought down again and taken out of higher paying jobs and each new life that I rebuilt over and over again I lost

And when I got electrocuted at work and I almost died, I went back into this corrupt Worker’s Compensation system and back into a wage of six dollars an hour.

They reinstated me saying that this was a reoccurrence of my injury?????

It’s only because my case is so complicated due to the ignorance that is in my medical file nobody will help me….because as I’ve heard Doctors that turned me a way say it’s too much trouble.

Workers compensation probably wished I had died or gotten lost LOL but from the poems that God has given me to put in this book he has made it very clear that justice is coming their way.

I was smart enough to investigate my case and write notes, reports from the day that this medical madness began. And I am glad I did because the facts you can’t hide when they’re in black-and-white and written by people that destroy lives

And what happened to me will never happen to anyone else not on my watch. I am an advocate and if need be I will fight for anyone that needs it.

So I am so excited that I can get this book finished and for the first time in my life I am asking for your support and your help and to join me in this as I open Pandora’s box with my new book.

I hope that I have the support of all my beautiful angels behind me. Join my cause and let’s change the system together.

When we begin work we pay into a system that we think will protect us but it will not. So, my Angels heed my advice if you can get insurance incase you are injured at work, then do this because you will lose everything if you don’t

The reason I’m fighting so hard for justice right now after 35 years is because Worker’s Compensation pays me $500 a month for what they called a disability award 🥇 and the injuries that I have sustained after the misdiagnosis I have to live with for the rest of my life.

Because these crimes should never have been committed and I worry about my future especially with this device on my spine which I need somebody to look into which I need somebody to look after me

Injured workers should never be crucified or sent into poverty because they are hurt at work. And many Injured workers are dying because of this.

And the government just turns a blind eye. My Angels, we are the ones that built this country and we can build a better one and stop the generational patterns that continue.

We need to be able to protect ourselves as well as our children and the next generations going forward. From these kinds of corrupt systems.

And if you purchase my books I will also as an audio which I called magic for the mind. As well as resources that will help empower you.

I thank you for all your comments and your support, as I help you you help me, what comes to me comes to you

And it’s nice to know that I can always reach out and you’ll be there.

I want you to always remember that I’ll be here for you as well I have a library of self development resources, training and anything that you may need to get unstuck to get out of depression to stop anxiety and to grow into the person that God put on this planet before Society programs our minds.

God bless my angels walk with love and light


Who do you know and what do you believe?
When so many people lie to you and leave
When our expectations are so high
You get knocked from the air and on the ground you will die

You have no wings, but only pray
The better people will come your way
And what they promise it’s worth it’s weight in gold
More than money could ever hold

So today I get another lesson
Whether it’s God’s ultimate blessing
Telling me to let go, and just move on
Because from these people I will hear the same dance and song

There do not care and they’re not true
They never wanted any part of you
So why the struggle to try so hard
Turn the tables around and lay down a new card

(c) Giggles the Poet
October 3, 2020

As much as I give belief in people as much as I hope to believe in people I am always hurt and let down. So it’s about changing the mindset. I never had a family in the beginning and I can’t re-create something that was Never there
All I can do is trust that God has always will stay beside me and never leave. Amen Lee Harris music share on WordPress

This is the greatest music 🎶 you can use to help settle your mind, body and soul. Don’t worry 😉 about people who don’t accept you. Love ❤️ yourself and be proud because you are beautiful and God’s child

Love ❤️ and 🤗

Giggles the Poet


Do you have eyesight or mind sight?
And for you what is real?
Do you think before speaking?
Or, do you react on how you feel?

How do you feel later?
When you think back and see
That what you were really thinking
Was not based on reality

Our minds take control and we do not know
It controls how we feel, how we think, what we’ll know
It will make us believe the worst because that’s what it will do
To keep you in the prison that is wrapped around you

Can you stop and sit still, and think what comes next?
Talk to God for a moment, he’ll show you what’s best
Because if you don’t get a control you will lose it, then it’s gone
And you’ll be left stuck questioning where you belong

Start a new ritual because your life is on the line
The Devil and God fight for you all the time
You can choose one or the other but you do have to choose
Because if you don’t know where you’re going, I guarantee you will lose

It might be scary, so what look fear in the face
And decide to erase every single trace
Fear is just a feeling and it comes from a thought
So if you’re mindful of what you’re thinking you’ll be less overwrought

Take your time God is waiting take your path and be strong
Wake up every day and let nothing go wrong
How do you build your foundation is how strong it will stand
And God created great warriors out of every woman child and man

October 3, 2020Giggles the poet


Justice and awareness


One day you will tell your story of how you overcame what you went through and it will be what inspires someone else to keep going.

Why I write and fight
I’ll no longer hide my voice
God is beside me all the way
There’s always hope
my first prize. THE CRIES OF A CHILD words I only hear once


Published THE STRENGTH OF MANY I WROTE AFTER THE 9/11. 👨 👨 👨 I went to Washington DC and received an award, 🏅 Nd plaque I was honoured God gave so many hope

Yep, God keeps the records going lol 😂 this was such an honour. there is always a 💡 light somewhere just keep looking 👀 for the poem I sent in. TRANSFORMATION 💪 ON PG 54 😝. Thanks 🙏 to my awesome 😎 Father above who never left my side. The past is the only chain you need to release
I created a new set of 🦶 🦶 prints 👧
One ripple will change your lives
We came in alone and that is our ending. But also the in between
Life experience we move on and grow. Don’t be the perpetrator of your future by living in the past
Lives lost

I will change the world 🌎 for you

And God paved a new way. This chaos is clearing out making way for the new way 🌹🌹📚📚📚📚❤️👍👀🙏🙏🙏🌎🌎💪🏅👋🧠💯🙏🏡🤝✌️✍️✍️✍️✍️👣👣👣👣👮🏾‍♂️👩🏽‍🦰👮🏾‍♂️👩🏼‍🦱☘️☘️☘️🌱🌱🌱💥🌈🥊🥊🤽🏽‍♀️🤸🏽‍♀️🏆🎧🎧🕰💜💜💞 all the changes to come.

Love ❤️ you angels 👼 thank you for your support and joining the fight for the next generations

GIGGLES THE POET I’m still working on getting a subscription set up for those who want 📚 recordings and DVD 📀 audios with poems and medicinal magic for the mind. I’ll be talking to someone to help me with building my website into the masterpiece God needs lol 😝 thanks 🙏 for your patience….. and if you have anything to suggest please help 😝 because I am just getting started and could use sound judgement and ideas. That’s what you’re here for. We’re all on this journey together Advice and Healing links to free stuff….audios for mind management brain 🧠 transformation, PDF and more. Join the BRAIN 🧠 WARRIORS TRIBE

what changes in my world 🌎 helps me change your world 🌎