It’s time to leave the past in the past. If somebody hurt you or let you down this year- let it go. The only person you’re hurting by holding onto it is YOU. Forgive and forget, you’ve got way too many goals to be focused on anyone else!

Thank you, my angels…I feel the vibrations and they only get stronger with faith. You’ve all been in society, more than me in 57 years…..that’s why I don’t look it…lol it’s been a long time coming. As the saying goes you can’t miss what you don’t know, or feel quilt for those that choose to….and if they remind you of yesterday’s problems, just say, yesterday is gone…tomorrow is what we build on. Because ass or not, you can’t change it, the hurt can go away, you just have to ACTUALLY LEARN THINGS, TOOLS STRATEGIES…..MAYBE WE CAN HAVE A ZOOM DISCUSSION ON MY CAUSE.

For the first time in my life, I feel no pain. The training that takes, hmmm…is long and believe me when I say, nobody can change your state of mind or emotion, but you. Unless they have a gun to your head, well….lets hope in the next life, things change.

The more we take these problems and patterns, ingrained thoughts and belief’s with us and internalize them, because we believed them, the more work you’ll have to encounter. My 35 years were spent in more than out. But, when I got out, I made it count. I have a forcefield and I’ve felt it for a long time. That took a lot of repetition of bullshit that led to the eventual truth of WHAT AM I GOING TO DO?

I’ve been there in so many ways, it’s crazy. And always meeting up with your own brick wall is the most challenging thing you’ll encounter…if you really want to live

You let it go, reach out for support to those who will show you something different. It takes learning and unfortunately, society has you all so busy, you don’t have time to think, let alone learn to give yourself 15 min of TLC every hour. Stretching, drinking water, smile, yawn intentionally and take six slow deep breathes, hissing it all out as you move your body very slowly.


Not every caterpillar becomes a butterfly
If we get stuck in our cocoon
We get locked in hopeless and praying
That someone will take us out soon

Not every butterfly becomes beautiful
When their wings get beaten down
The cocoon they live in is their only safety net
Before they fall to their death to the ground

Only the strongest beautiful butterflies
Will spread their wings without fear
And trust in God that they’re alive for a reason
To find the right ones take truly care

In the very beginning to the very end
Butterflies will spread their wings
Believe in the beauty that you see they behold
Because they’ll bring a wondrous things

(c)Giggles the Poet
October 11, 2020

Good night my beautiful butterflies

This will calm you when you need to be silent and still

God bless and be safe 🙂


I hope you had an awesome weekend And have many Thanks going forward

Love ❤️ you angel 😇

God is great 👍 😆

Be safe and strong

Amen. Life is beautiful

Yesterday the 😈 devil tried to bring me down
So, God kept me writing ✍️ to block out all the sounds
Death spoke of the perfect state
And for a few seconds I almost lost my debate 😞

My energy and vibrations weren’t very high 😢
And thoughts went through my mind, of wanting to die 😔
Then I realized God woke me up
And out of that dark State of min I became unstuck 😆 ⚔️ 🏆

I wrote ✍️ and listened to what God had to say
And before sleeping 😴 I knelt down to pray 🙏
Thanking him once again for saving my life
And opening my eyes 👀 to a better daylight 🌞

(c) Giggles the Poet
October 12, 2020

STORMS WILL PASS. Face each storm with courage.

Storms will always pass, my angels
So, keep focus and build on faith
Be prepared mentally for whatever storm comes
Be courageous and the storms will abate

And you’ll do what you thought was impossible
When there’s a will there is always a why
Be kind to yourself in your growing
Build your dreams and reach for the sky

We’re not broken, my angels
We may be a little bent
When we become our own masters
For our prior mistakes, we’ll repent

God gives us storms for a reason
They bring you back to life
So, my angel take the bull by the horns
And turn the tide on all your strife

© Giggles the Poet
October 12, 2019

Learn to use your brain, don’t let it use you…..then you are in command of your mind, body, spirit and life

the only prescription I’ll prescribe is MAGIC FOR THE MIND……to retrain and strengthen your neural connections…..

Love and hugs

Giggles the Poet

Create Wealth, Live Fearlessly, Embrace Self-Love, and Heal Deeply

Imagine living without self-doubt.

Imagine appreciating yourself so much that there’s no more condemning and judgmental self-talk.
Imagine an effortlessly healthy body, healthy mind, and healthy emotions.

Imagine unlimited wealth of any kind being your new

stimulate your inner mind to learn new strategies for dealing with everything in your life.

They help these new strategies become automatic so that you live the benefits without effort or struggle.

And…you feel sooooo good as you listen!

Here is what you feel

Empowerment Fearless
Vanquish self-doubt and live courageously
Energy healing
Activate positive energy for abundant health and well-being


Amplify intention, energy, and action for wealth
Self-Love and replace judgment and criticism with acceptance and kindness


No Matter What!

Step into your greatness







(c) Giggles the Poet
October 12, 2019

Join the TRIBE

Stay strong 💪 and safe 🤗


Lord, you raised me up from destruction from the age of five
And you stood by me, protecting despite being defiled
I kept hoping I’d find loving people, or a friendly face at least
I I missed out on a life, had no home, no parents and in foster homes I had no peace

The trauma my young eyes saw,

I didn’t think would end
I had no home to grown in, no parents, and no friends
And as I grew with evil in the darkness, Lord, I grew more in your light
Even as a child, I still saw two side of people, just like day and night

Lord, as, I grew older you were the only one who taught me to be
The greatest version of myself and rebirth set me free
My soul is pure and protected and Lord, my vision clear
Because you always gave me hope, despite growing up daily in fear

I moved away from the rock at Seventeen
I was so full of hope, full of life, full of dreams
I got to live in freedom, for six beautiful years
I laughed out loud with many friends and I shed no tears

I was only Twenty-Two, when the doctors took me down
They took my children from my body and my dreams got turned around
Lord, you still stood by my side, protecting me
While the devil ruled my world, that’s all I could see

Lord, you raised me up when I fell down
You kept my mind and soul, safe and sound
Lord, I prayed for hope at all cost
And you always raised me up higher, when I felt lost

Lord, doctors broke my body and their machines almost took my mind
I fought two cruel systems, lost in their silent crimes
And as the years passed slowly, I still refused to give in
I believed in you more each day, you were my strongest friend

It took Thirty-five years, but I made it out alive
And because I broke all their rules and fought back, I was crucified
Now I sit in my home, with peace, love and faith
I see a different future before me and I’m in a different place

Lord, you helped me find mind power, now I am the light
Now I empower your angels, every day and night
And all the poems you speak daily, I freely share
To remind all your beautiful angels, that someone truly cares

I survived much more than is written and my angels, you will too
When you look into your mind, you’ll see a beautiful truth
You can make a new path, when you have a vision and dreams
Then you will feel your abundance daily, bursting at the seams

My angels, nothing in the darkness can ever take you down
Unless you make it the king of your mind, and give the devil a crown
Because, you are the creator, this is YOUR DESTINY
And If you need help getting out of the confusion, please reach out to me…

(c) Giggles the Poet

April 1, 2018 2:32 p.m.

We are not the product of our past. We choose who we are and how we are 😉

Educate or Eradicate

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A child’s education turns out to be cruel
If they learn only of sex education and not life coping rules
And ultimately, my angel, it’s the children that will pay
Because nine months later, a new life is on it’s way

Education can be a gift and some of it will have great purpose
But it’s useless when they have to figure out how to hire a wet nurse
Help children know more, show them how much more they can dream
Of a much greater future, let them know what that means

Demand now that high schools implement more life strategies
Children can’t learn something different if it’s only the diapers they’ll see
Children won’t get to have a mind, until they are taught how it can expand
If you don’t know, then learn together, think twice and take command

Change the patterns that keep on growing in each generation
The technology we have today can help us unite our nation
Children don’t need to walk the roads, that you all walked down before
They are autonomous, give them back their mind and you’ll see so much more

It is up to you, my angel if you let society make you cower
Get control of your mind right now, because a child is like a flower
They will grow if you give them love, knowledge and if they cannot feel the sun
They will wither and die in the darkness, paying for your mistakes alone

© Giggles the Poet
April 6, 2018 3:00 a, m.

Rules for Relationship Communication

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An eye for an eye will only make the world blind” ~Mahatma Gandhi

Arguments and relationships go hand in hand like peanut butter and jelly. Unfortunately, arguments are not as sweet as jelly and don’t go over as smooth as peanut butter. When we argue with our loved ones, it is important to remember that it’s not necessary to deliver a knock out blow. Think of the argument as a heart to heart conversation and not a bare-knuckle showdown.

Here are some simple steps to remember when arguing:

1. Pause

Before you engage in an argument with your loved one, take a moment to reflect on your feelings. Ask yourself, “Why are you upset?” Are you really upset because he or she was late or could it be your partner has not been giving you enough attention?

It is important to know why you are upset so you can communicate this clearly.

2. Discuss one issue at a time

Once you clarify your feelings you can begin to discuss why you are upset. Many times in the heat of the moment we bring up past digressions and end up arguing about something else entirely except the matter at hand.

Try to keep the argument about the current disconnect by remembering to discuss one issue at a time.

3. No degrading language

Discuss the issue, not the person. All attempts must be made to keep the conversation civil. It is important to avoid name calling, swearing or put-downs. Keep in mind that negative words are a manifestation of negative feelings. There is never a good enough reason to call your partner a derogatory name.

There are unpardonable words that can leave a partner feeling emotionally scarred making it harder for them to receive your love. Remember, this is someone you love and you really do not want to hurt them.

4. Express yourself

Use words to express how you feel and take responsibility for those feelings.

Start your statements with ” I.” I feel angry. I feel hurt.

By starting statements with “I” you are able to connect with your words with your emotions. Avoid using statements beginning with “You.”

Statements starting with “You” tend to make the other person feel attacked which often leads them to shut down emotionally.

5. Take turns talking It is important to take turns speaking.

Once you have had your turn, it is important to listen to what your partner has to say. If this is difficult, use a timer and a set amount of time for each person to speak. You can also designate an item to use like a talking stick.

Whoever holds the item can speak. Just make sure you remember to pass the item! The talking stick method has been used for hundreds of years by indigenous people. The “Talking stick” can be any object.

6. Knock down the walls

Stonewalling is the refusal to communicate or express emotions. It is very common during conflicts. People often do this when they want to avoid an uncomfortable conversation or prefer not to engage in an emotional discussion that may lead to a fight.

Stonewalling can include a refusal to discuss feelings or walking out of a conversation. When you are both in a “sober emotional state,” make a pact with one another that you will not stonewall and will engage in a meaningful discussion no matter how challenging it may be.

If one of you feels the issue warrants a discussion, the other person must respect the request by engaging and listening.

7. No Yelling

It may feel great to unleash your frustration on your partner by yelling at them, but many times this only adds fuel to the fire. When a person is yelled at, they tend to yell back in self-defense.

This often results in an escalation of self-defensive responses from both parties. Yelling typically results in further alienation and frustration. Sometimes, a partner will not engage in the yelling but will passively accept the treatment. This only leads to fostering resentment by the person being yelled at.

Remember, remain calm and use words to make your point, not volume.

8. Take a timeout

In a perfect world, we would all be able to communicate effectively with each other and have no need for rules. You are not expected to print up this page and follow each step while you are arguing. This is not a script for the perfect fight. In the real world, voices will be raised and perhaps a few hurtful words will be used.

When you feel that the temperature is rising, take a time out until both parties cool off. Agree on a time to continue the conversation. It is important to agree on another meeting to continue the discussion so one or both parties do not attempt to stonewall.

9. Compromise

If you reach an impasse in the argument, try to come to a compromise. If you can’t reach a compromise then agree to disagree. Try to understand each other’s point of view.

Discussing and attempting to understand will help soothe negative feelings. Communication is one of the strongest pillars of the house of love, so it is important to reinforce and strengthen this skill whenever possible.

The thoughts expressed in this blog post are my own and are not meant to create a therapeutic relationship with the reader. This blog does not replace or substitute the help of a mental health professional. Please note, I am unable to answer your specific mental health questions as I am not fully aware of all of the circumstances.

The more you know, the more you grow

love you angels,

Giggles the Poet


We are hurt when others first meet us
We laughed and smiled never showing our scars
We’ve come to believe in our minds we don’t deserve it
Thinking not of our strengths but a lifetime of flaws

My angel, what baggage do you carry forward?
Whatever you bring is more added weight
When two souls first get to meet one another
You both don’t show all the problems that are on your plate

When you unpack your baggage you start bleeding
And your heart is locked up in your lonely past
And you wear a fake smile when your loved one approaches
So, they won’t see the shadow your real baggage casts

Broken people try and fix broken people
As we fight to be present in our truth
Then the past creeps in we can’t leave it alone
And our heart closes as we get lost in the pain of our youth

The truth will correct the errors you have in your mind
Because when two hearts blend as one they will transform
It’s not the battles we lost, or the stories we remember
And it’s sharing each precious moment when you both are reborn

(c) Giggles the Poet July 14, 2020

It’s your willingness to look at your darkness which empowers you to change

Love and hugs


Lord, today I feel so weak, I fear I will die
And I barely sleep, or eat
I live with this silence and it tears me apart
I can hear only the sound of my lonely heartbeat

Lord, what can I do so I can remain strong
And get myself out of this home 🏠
Each day I’m living with negativity is bringing me down
I know in this home, with this man is not where I belong

Each day I feel like a prisoner stuck in a cage
I no longer have a partner, there’s nothing we share
He sleeps more than anybody should
And when I feel so alone, you are the only one there

Lord, what do I have to do to move ahead?
And how will I survive if I do not sleep 😴 or eat?
Lord, tell me how do I help your angels stay strong
If I don’t have the strength to stand on my feet 🦶🦶

Each day I pray for things to change
But in this silence I get lost
So, I write to you to stay sane and alive
Yet, I feel the many precious moments and precious time that it’s cost

Lord, what do I do next, where do I go?
Today, I feel tired and It’s dragging me down
Each day when I wake up I feel like I’m fighting in quicksand
And in my ultimate demise, I will drown

Lord, I’m fighting so hard to come back to life
And I need your help to keep me from dying
I’m in a world I have never been before
And all I ask is that you give me the strength to keep going and keep striving

(c) Giggles the Poet October 11, 2020

Happy thanksgiving

I know tomorrow will be a better day 🙂


Soul Tip:
The Power of Not Knowing…

Humans really do have superpowers. Abilities that really set us apart and give us incredible potential

One of these is the power to suspend belief and disbelief. The power to not know the answer.

Once we know the answer to something, we close ourselves to further possibility and discovery. It’s only in the beginner’s mind that we can discover the unknown and increase our awareness. And since it’s impossible for anyone to have 100% of the information — a 360-degree perspective — on any given idea, event, or phenomenon… choosing to not know the answer is the wisest approach.

So question your own beliefs. Challenge the things you “know” to be true. Leave room for possibilities you haven’t seen — the unknown unknowns.

And if you want to go a step farther…practice the art of suspending your belief — taking what you know and temporarily pretending you don’t know it. It’s the same process you use when watching a movie; to enjoy a fictional movie, we practice suspending disbelief — we temporarily pretend that what we’re seeing is true. Try temporarily pretending that what you believe is not true.

A Daily “Word Commitment” Strategy

Try this simple evidence-based exercise that is specifically designed to help you achieve daily goals with greater ease.

Think of 3 words that represent qualities/goals/values that will help you get the most out of the work you need to accomplish today.

For example, today I have important deadlines to complete and I can’t afford to be distracted by anything. So my words today are FOCUS, COMMITMENT, and SUCCESS. Now it’s your turn:

  • What do you want to accomplish in the next 24 hours?
  • Close your eyes and relax, and then ask your intuition to find a single word that will help you achieve your goal.
  • Write it down and repeat this step two more times.
  • Repeat all three words over and over again and find the one that resonates the most with you.
  • At the beginning of your work day and every hour throughout the day, pause and spend 60 seconds repeating that word like a meditation.
  • See if you can enter a trance like state and then return to work.

Your “Power Word,” as I like to call it, stimulates the motivation network in your brain and you’ll remain more focused with less stress.

Each day you might want to select a different word to resonate with your next goal. Words will change every day depending on what you want to achieve. For example, you might want to use PEACE one day and RELAX on another day. You can even choose to change words throughout the day. Just look for that little boost of energy – the dopamine that is released from your nucleus accumbens – and meditate on the experience. It will stop your mind from ruminating on negative thoughts.

You can also choose to focus on a positive or pleasurable memory, or visualize the face of someone you love or respect. The brain depends on simple words like this to help anchor it to the task at hand and to interrupt the inner and outer distractions that interfere with goal attainment.

Love you, Angels 🙂


May you all find your Own masterpiece 🙂

One day I will not have to struggle
And when that picture is perfectly clear
I’ll hold on to this vision, keep it safe in my head
As I deal with and release what is left of my fears

I am trying to change my life circumstances
Still unsure of where I should start
My future is calling, but I’m still being held prisoner
By a lifetime of injustice, that has clouded my heart

Lord, I know you will help me make the right choices
Because I feel a future pull now so strong
I still feel like a castaway in my own world
And one day I will find the place where I truly belong

I will not give up, nor will I hide myself away
From my future because it will be filled with such peace
As I make my way out slowly and embrace a new world 🌎
I will plant the seed of hope again as I complete God’s masterpiece…

© Giggles the Poet
May 1, 2015
4:15-4:16 p.m.

To know I found that place first in my heart, mind and soul…and then here on earth, is more than I ever imagined….

To be free is the greatest experience of all…..paint your own masterpiece angels… still have time…..

time is precious…make the most of each second…don’t dwell on anything….stay present….because in that lies the gift God wants you to have…….

LIVE, LOVE, LEARN….that is your power

God bless…and thank you for sharing this life journey