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Hello, my angels, welcome to the world of Giggles the Poet. I hope that through me and the Poems God shares with me, you find a better perspective and more empowerment to stand up to the challenges life throws your way.

I’m a Counsellor & Empowerment Coach and opened MOTIVERSITY-Mind Management to help Empower you and help you to align mind, body and spirit. Providing resources and new perspectives to help you think better.

We all have this vision of who we’d like to become, there are a lot of obstacles in our way. You might have mental blocks, emotional trauma or a certain kind of self-image that is stopping you from leaving your old stories and excuses behind. Beliefs that are stopping you from finally becoming the kind of person you were always meant to be.

My mission is to help you get from where you are now, to where you want to be. I am passionate about helping people get unstuck, heal their energy and get to know the true person that is waiting within. Become more empowered and CREATE YOUR LIFE BY DESIGN….

The greatest challenge we face is ourselves and our mind

I recently put up a video that explains my poem….https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iDGctIQRGnA&t=122s


Memories plague me in the darkness  
And as they rear their ugly head   
They only remind me of all that I’ve lost  
My life, my freedom and my children are dead  
Dear God, please forgive my anger  
For these transgressions that I see  
All the madness that I have lived through  
Almost got the better of me  
I have no need for food or sleep  
What I crave most are the sun and air  
When I look out the window of my sanctuary  
I see no signs of the truth anywhere out there  

Dear God, it’s you I’ve turned to the most  
For answers, for courage and faith  
And as I read these medical reports of cruelty  
Anger washes over me, replacing the hate  
My Lord, I have, but five days to wait  
Can I hold onto the hope that he’ll come to my aid?  
I can’t close my eyes, I can’t find any rest  
From the pain these doctors continually create  
I see clearly such torture in one operation  
And I shake with the echo of hearing my pleas  
During the operation, I felt what they were doing  
And when I slipped into unconsciousness, fear followed me  

When I woke up in recovery, I felt only doom  
All I’ve done for so long was cry and beg  
Now I felt something more when I turned on my machine  
The current was not reaching my back but was running down my legs  
The first doctor that implanted this medical device  
Offered me a choice between paralysis and pain  
And as I read this again in my medical file  
It leaves me reeling in sorrow, reeling in shame  

Once again, I was sent back to my prison of silence  
I lost the job that I loved and my friends of nine years  
I kept searching for help, but no one would touch me  
And each night I lay down, I slept on my pillow of tears  
It took three long years to find another doctor  
He said he would operate and put the wires back in place  
He smiled as he spoke and promised to help  
I smiled back through my fear, as I looked at his face  
I believed what he promised, but I felt like a fool  
As I waited daily in my bed for his call  
Depression took over, as days turned into months  

He couldn’t be reached, I was climbing the walls  
My doctor’s husband took over and went to his office  
Not leaving until he got my surgery date  
My Adjudicator harassed me, wouldn’t leave me in peace  
They wanted me working, and they wouldn’t wait  
The day finally came; I had my fifth operation  
Another stranger opened me up, creating a mess  
When I woke up much later, I felt such foreboding  
I turned on my machine, and I screamed from the stress  

Something was wrong, the current was closer  
But, still gave me no comfort as it had done before  
I looked up at my doctor and as I was sedated  
I wondered how I would get over being sliced open once more  
Two weeks later I had my sixth operation   
Preparing my mind for what was to come  
This sixth operation was finally completed  
And I went home feeling lost, so alone and so numb   
Alone with my sorrow, my body felt mangled  
I recovered slowly a few more years gone  
I asked God for assistance in clearing my heart  
I tried to forgive the ones who had done me wrong  

Five years passed, filled with depression and pills  
I needed Workers Compensation to help me update my skills  
The office software had changed from five years ago  
I asked my caseworker for help but received a flat “No.”  
I was still in grave shock as I hung up the phone  
There was no one beside me; I was completely alone  
I needed some hope I then called her manager  
The kindness in his voice helped sooth some of my anger  
I paid into this system from the time I was ten  
They cared nothing about me, or the hell I’d been in  
Their ignorance and disrespect cause me such shame   
They lied in their reports saying I had low back pain  
I questioned my pension wondering what that was based on  
When I told them the truth, they treated me like a con  
Why would I have to lie, or pretend to have pain?  
They paid me meager wages; I had nothing to gain  

These machines that I wore electrocuted me twice  
I know if it happened a third time, death would hold the dice  
My adjudicators asked me nothing and they cared even less  
My depression got worse, my body and mind were a mess  
When I cried on the phone, they had no empathy  
They said those were the rules; they had to follow policy  
I had to find a job even though I was a wreck   
My adjudicator decided to cut off my cheque   
Now I had another fight come to my door   
And I promised myself that I would take this no more   
So, I wrote a report and I made them a vow   
That the world would hear my story and I would speak loud   
it’s been 29 years, and this is not right   
So, now it’s time I found others for help and support in this fight   
It’s been thirty-five years and all that I know  
Are the pain, scars and losses, that I never shown   
I still fight in a corrupt system that refuses to care  
So, it’s time I showed these people the reason God keeps me here   

©Brenda Keough  March 13, 2014 3:00 p.m.  

This poem Medical Madness was supposed to go in my first book GIVE ME A SECOND, but because of the length it was too big for an eBook.  It’s funny how God gives me poetry to write at such unusual times.  It was twenty-nine so years later I got to write a summary about my medical madness through a poem.  I am so grateful to God that he blessed me with such writing to heal and erase all my anger and my pain.  

I had my sixth and last operation in 2010. The surgeon said he notified WSIB, but they ignored his letter. Lying when I asked if they had heard from him. The surgeon couldn’t remove the device it had grown into my spine and the wires were covered in scar tissue. So, I’m left with a device in my body and I don’t know what will happen in the future, but I will never wear another device, or be cut open again. 

I fought WSIB every year for 32 years trying to keep them from cutting me off and had meetings with the President and Vice President, explaining my case trying to get compensation for all the injuries and electrocutions, the mistakes caused and the losses.  

And nobody investigated what happened. In 2010 I was asked by the Vice President to do a video to sensitize their workers and give them an idea of what it was like for me in the system. To give them a better understanding of the problems we face…still, face. 

If someone needs to be sensitized, they shouldn’t be working in jobs where they are supposed to help others. I have a copy of the video and it broke my heart when I watched it. 

We think we have a system in place to protect us when we are injured, but we don’t. And if we don’t, WHY ARE WE PAYING INTO THIS SYSTEM? We don’t have a system that protects us when we are injured on the job, we have a system that puts us into a new “CONCENTRATION CAMP,” we are assigned a number and they do everything in their power to get us off the system from day one. 

The Workers Compensation adjudicator’s shame us, and we are crucified and we alone, pay a heavy price for being injured, physically, mentally, emotionally and financially. It’s a system that buries their dead under outdated policies. I can only hope that my story will help you protect yourself, and your children, as well as future generations from knowing, or experiencing these nightmares. I have God to thank for my life, from the time I was born, I was born only knowing a world of chaos, abuse, pain, and losses. 

I survived, two electrocutions and years of taking chemicals for pain, lost in depression, walking through a fog…which left me with a lifetime of nerve damage that the Workers Compensation doesn’t recognize to this to this day. 

I have never been compensated for these further injuries and losses. And the injustice is that I was out in society many times, rebuilding my life, making more money than I did in 1985…and because of these malfunctions, I get put back on this WSIB system as a “recurrence of my injury.” My injury was a broken rib, NOT electrocutions and NOT “Rhomboid muscle strain,” 

I became my own lawyer investigating my file and fighting this case for 34 years. I am still on Workers Compensation Disability getting the $6 hr, that I got in 1985, combined with my disability pension which is a travesty that will be corrected hopefully one day…and it all adds up to $1200.00, monthly and at 65 I get reduced to $500 monthly as their disability compensation award. 

I am back to fight for JUSTICE FOR MY ANGELS these crimes shouldn’t be forgotten by all those I tried to get help from.  I hope I can finally put this travesty behind me.  We are broken people having to deal with a broken system….. 



I finally finished the last chapter of an injured worker’s journey through medical madness I started a new chapter and I start many more new books, eBooks, audios to come out. I am making a comeback and a promise that the future will be far, far different than the past. These medical crimes, and generational patterns must change to protect the next generations to come from a system that doesn’t care.   

I made it, but so many people don’t, or won’t I consider myself one of the lucky ones and I certainly do not consider myself a statistic.  The problem my adjudicators had with me was that I didn’t fit in the box that they wanted me to fit in. I refused to look haggard to prove a point that I had pain to deal with.  

I remember meeting with a lawyer who said the only way for me to get compensation was to look sick to look like I was in pain or dying as he said. A lawyer that is supposed to represent injured workers and fight for their rights, tells me this and a tear slid down my face as I got up, and without a word, or before I punched him in the face…lol  I walked out of his office, angrier. And all I remember was feeling such disappointment that a lawyer would tell us we have to reduce ourselves to such a state to prove a point when the facts have already been proven   

Silence serves no purpose other than letting the patterns of ignorance, chaos, and destruction continue from one generation to the next…. 

The misleading information and facts that stare me in the face when I opened my Workers Compensation medical file in 2006, was enough to make me BREAK MY SILENCE.  

Now I have a voice. Misdiagnosis happens more than we think or hear about.  To think that a simple broken rib would cause such so much internal damage, heartache, losses, and destruction in this day is a crime. 

We are more than a disability



https://read.amazon.com/kp/card?preview=inline&linkCode=kpd&ref_=k4w_oembed_M6Ghjm1RqMjm2d&asin=1543450628&tag=kpembed-20 https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B07FVLF9H9?ref_=k4w_oembed_M6Ghjm1RqMjm2d&tag=kpembed-20&linkCode=kpd

This book is a very powerful read and also very empowering. Writing the book in poetry form is an amazing idea and interesting way to get the storyline across to its readers.

The author is brave for sharing her story with the readers and allowing us to experience the pain and suffering that she had to overcome as an injured worker to become the woman she is now.

Misdiagnosis happens more than we think, this book will empower young women and men to speak up and stand up for their rights to proper medical care. Silence is not golden, and each poem is meant to help society learn and stop this from continuing to happen to others now and in the future.

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