What is your cause and what will you do ?
AS all the world closes down all around you?
Learn to look deep within and settle your mind
I don’t look at the box as place where you’re now confined
They call technology so, we are fortunate today
Because your world is really not being taken away
You get to have a different look at what You lived in outside
And when you see society’s deceptions, you will no longer be blind
Each day be grateful and just pray
Cause the little box that you are in now keeps you safer everyday
😀You can either become your prison or become your sanctuary
But that my angel is Left up to you and whatever your mind chooses to perceive
I wouldn’t be alive each day, If God didn’t provide the tools or poems to change my mental state
Because the longer you deal with inner chaos, or demons the longer they will wait
And its when You lose faith, I’m feel at your lowest that is then hat you become the prey
Isolation will drive you insane so know what you’re thinking throughout the day
I’ve lived in this world most of my life So hi the words that I say
You may call this a pandemic But it’s freedom none the less
For you to reach deep within yourself And train your mind to become the best

Today you can learn to be anything, You need no high school degree
I’ve gone further than I ever And school didn’t teach these Self development and Life skills to me
I was put into a box by worker’s compensation and this box was all that I could see
I know it times your minds inner turmoil, Take 6 deep breaths and you’ll slow your mine down
Cause my angel I feel what you’re going through and I know how to turn things around
Give your Mind and body TLC daily Listen to the audios Called magic for the mind
Because you will find the true character God put on this planet And yourself and your future are fine

(c). Giggles the Poet

OUT OF THE ASHES -JUSTICE FOR MY ANGEL’S AND INJURED WORKERS My angels I’m asking for donations on my word press side to find a lawyer to stop The human violations by the workers’ compensation and the medical community from 1985 due to a misdiagnoses tat I had to go through And will for life

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