I’m celebrating alone drinking a glass of wine asking God when it will be my time

There is LIGHT

I may celebrate πŸŽ‰ each holiday alone But God gives me light πŸ’‘ that is continuous and growing

I won’t give anyone the chance to take me down. Because I seen a greater darkness than the ground

The toxins are leaving me In confusion. But I am never stuck in this life’s delusion. My soul is screaming 😱 out for more. And I am grateful God is guarding my front door πŸšͺ

I’m kicking 🦡 the devil πŸ‘Ώ out of my world 🌎 seeing something more beautiful than a little girl πŸ‘§. I have the sparks to change our fate. And I have a key to the golden gate

(c)Giggles the Poet November 3, 2020

Life should never feel so empty


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