It’s time to step into your greatness,
And learn how just to be
Learn to reprogram your inner dialogue
Because when you’re carrying pain, you cannot see

Step into your greatness
God gave you inner wings to fly
Take control of your life choices
Develop yourself then reach for the sky

What story do you tell yourself?
What are your core beliefs?
If the devil sits in your mind too long
You’ll feel at war with the world, and will see no peace

Learn to discipline your behavior
And start evaluating what’s in your mind
God gave you special resources my friend
Take full control, or you’ll die

Each heartbeat that you fee my friend
Is what’s keeping you alive
When you control your stress, control your emotions
It’s then that you will thrive….

Giggles the Poet
October 24, 2017
3:00 p.m.

Hello angels, if you’re looking to change your destiny….start retraining your mind. I have the tools and resources and I Help YOU DO THE Work.

If you’re stuck, stressed, lost, feeling depressed, anxious any of these emotion reek havoc on your heart…….that is what will pay the price for you hanging onto the past, or hurt, or anger….

There is a way out……because I found it…..and that is what I teach others. Take control of your behavior, take control of your destiny……YOU ARE IN Control OR NOT…..

I’m only alive because I decided to stop the chaos that people were bringing my way…..and the chaos I was creating in my mind

I found my voice and found a greater inner spirit than I ever thought I’d live to see……

Because I had to deal with medical madness that almost took me out of this world…..and despite praying for death daily not knowing how to get out of the destruction…..

God showed me my power…..and I hold tightly to his hand because I shouldn’t be alive…….now I pray each day for life…..

God bless you, my angels, I’m always here for you to help you grow….from within…..

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