Stick your finger in a socket for 10 minutes
Then tell me how you feel
This is called being electrocuted
And the circumstances are not ideal

That’s the only world I survived in
For far, far too long
Now it’s time to protect the public
By the facts I can show that are 💪 strong

Start to ask yourself better questions
Don’t just trust in any doctor of medicine
We weren’t born with these guys in our pockets
So whatever is broken in us we can learn to heal once again

Modern medicine kills more people today
And society needs a reality check
It’s time to decide what are you doctors are really doing
And it’s time to decide how are you’ll find more truth, mores respect ✊

You can heal your own ailments
But first you have to get your mind clear
About what you decide to go on swallowing
And how long it’s going to interrupt your true reality here

My angel, Time will wait for no one
And if you lie to yourself, you cannot alter your course
Decide where you’re going and then what you’ll do
Or your actions will turn into remorse

(c). Giggles the Poet
October 14, 2020

😆 apology for the picture lol 😝 something shocking wakes you up when you don’t expect it. 😆

🤔 think again

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