It’s time to leave the past in the past. If somebody hurt you or let you down this year- let it go. The only person you’re hurting by holding onto it is YOU. Forgive and forget, you’ve got way too many goals to be focused on anyone else!

Thank you, my angels…I feel the vibrations and they only get stronger with faith. You’ve all been in society, more than me in 57 years…..that’s why I don’t look it…lol it’s been a long time coming. As the saying goes you can’t miss what you don’t know, or feel quilt for those that choose to….and if they remind you of yesterday’s problems, just say, yesterday is gone…tomorrow is what we build on. Because ass or not, you can’t change it, the hurt can go away, you just have to ACTUALLY LEARN THINGS, TOOLS STRATEGIES…..MAYBE WE CAN HAVE A ZOOM DISCUSSION ON MY CAUSE.

For the first time in my life, I feel no pain. The training that takes, hmmm…is long and believe me when I say, nobody can change your state of mind or emotion, but you. Unless they have a gun to your head, well….lets hope in the next life, things change.

The more we take these problems and patterns, ingrained thoughts and belief’s with us and internalize them, because we believed them, the more work you’ll have to encounter. My 35 years were spent in more than out. But, when I got out, I made it count. I have a forcefield and I’ve felt it for a long time. That took a lot of repetition of bullshit that led to the eventual truth of WHAT AM I GOING TO DO?

I’ve been there in so many ways, it’s crazy. And always meeting up with your own brick wall is the most challenging thing you’ll encounter…if you really want to live

You let it go, reach out for support to those who will show you something different. It takes learning and unfortunately, society has you all so busy, you don’t have time to think, let alone learn to give yourself 15 min of TLC every hour. Stretching, drinking water, smile, yawn intentionally and take six slow deep breathes, hissing it all out as you move your body very slowly.


Not every caterpillar becomes a butterfly
If we get stuck in our cocoon
We get locked in hopeless and praying
That someone will take us out soon

Not every butterfly becomes beautiful
When their wings get beaten down
The cocoon they live in is their only safety net
Before they fall to their death to the ground

Only the strongest beautiful butterflies
Will spread their wings without fear
And trust in God that they’re alive for a reason
To find the right ones take truly care

In the very beginning to the very end
Butterflies will spread their wings
Believe in the beauty that you see they behold
Because they’ll bring a wondrous things

(c)Giggles the Poet
October 11, 2020

Good night my beautiful butterflies

This will calm you when you need to be silent and still

God bless and be safe 🙂

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