Lord, you raised me up from destruction from the age of five
And you stood by me, protecting despite being defiled
I kept hoping I’d find loving people, or a friendly face at least
I I missed out on a life, had no home, no parents and in foster homes I had no peace

The trauma my young eyes saw,

I didn’t think would end
I had no home to grown in, no parents, and no friends
And as I grew with evil in the darkness, Lord, I grew more in your light
Even as a child, I still saw two side of people, just like day and night

Lord, as, I grew older you were the only one who taught me to be
The greatest version of myself and rebirth set me free
My soul is pure and protected and Lord, my vision clear
Because you always gave me hope, despite growing up daily in fear

I moved away from the rock at Seventeen
I was so full of hope, full of life, full of dreams
I got to live in freedom, for six beautiful years
I laughed out loud with many friends and I shed no tears

I was only Twenty-Two, when the doctors took me down
They took my children from my body and my dreams got turned around
Lord, you still stood by my side, protecting me
While the devil ruled my world, that’s all I could see

Lord, you raised me up when I fell down
You kept my mind and soul, safe and sound
Lord, I prayed for hope at all cost
And you always raised me up higher, when I felt lost

Lord, doctors broke my body and their machines almost took my mind
I fought two cruel systems, lost in their silent crimes
And as the years passed slowly, I still refused to give in
I believed in you more each day, you were my strongest friend

It took Thirty-five years, but I made it out alive
And because I broke all their rules and fought back, I was crucified
Now I sit in my home, with peace, love and faith
I see a different future before me and I’m in a different place

Lord, you helped me find mind power, now I am the light
Now I empower your angels, every day and night
And all the poems you speak daily, I freely share
To remind all your beautiful angels, that someone truly cares

I survived much more than is written and my angels, you will too
When you look into your mind, you’ll see a beautiful truth
You can make a new path, when you have a vision and dreams
Then you will feel your abundance daily, bursting at the seams

My angels, nothing in the darkness can ever take you down
Unless you make it the king of your mind, and give the devil a crown
Because, you are the creator, this is YOUR DESTINY
And If you need help getting out of the confusion, please reach out to me…

(c) Giggles the Poet

April 1, 2018 2:32 p.m.

We are not the product of our past. We choose who we are and how we are 😉

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